“A teacher once wrote in my report card that I’m a bad boy and would never improve but look at me now” – Medikal


 AMG Medikal aka El Chairmano has recalled  how a teacher once wrote in his report card that he was a bad boy and therefore would never improve but look at him now.

Medikal In a short video talking about his upcoming documentary, said the teacher thought he was a very bad student and the teacher actually wrote it in his report card and asked him to send it to his parents that he was a bad boy and that there was no room for improvement.

But since man proposes but God disposes, Medikal fortunately turned the perceived doomed future into a brighter one that he has become a household name and even known internationally.
Medikal adviced that everyone should wait on God’s time and while in wait, we Should continue to work hard and be persistent in pursuit of our goals.

Watch the video below


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