Augusco pull the brakes on red-hot Accra Aca

St. Augustine’s College, Cape Coast, are into their fourth consecutive semifinals of Senior Sharks 7, after they put Accra Academy in chains to make it four semifinals in a row.

Both schools were psyched up perfectly well as they came into this contest, determined to protect their records in Senior Sharks 7.

Accra Academy, who had shown brilliance in their previous contests attempted to throw a spanner in the works of the Cape Coast Sharks.

As a matter of fact, Accra Aca gave St. Augustine’s (Augusco) a big scare when they comfortably led in the STEM round, which incidentally has been their forte in Senior Sharks 7.

But Augusco still had enough oil in their reservoir, as they rallied together to take the final round emphatically.

Coupled with their leads in Rounds 1 and 2, Augusco’s overall score in this contest thus was more than enough to push them over the finish line.

In the end, fans were thoroughly entertained as both schools scored high marks in this riveting quarterfinals clash.

Right Corner Round

Accra Aca displayed their dexterity in Social Literacy first by answering questions derived from maps of the world.

Their efforts were rewarded with a satisfactory score of forty (40) points.

St. Augustine’s College took aim next at their set of Social Literacy questions and came back with a very good score of sixty (60) points.

R Cubed Round

St. Augustine’s College’s first question in the Reading and Writing was wrapped nicely for ten (10) points.

Both schools went in hard and took bonus points off each other in the Reading and Writing segment.

Even though both schools performed wonderfully in Arithmetic, Augusco came out better due to intelligent tactics.

Accra Aca had twenty-five (25) points at the end of the round with St. Augustine’s slightly ahead with thirty-five (35) points.

STEM Round

Intellectually speaking, the contest had gotten to a race-for-life juncture and taken on a very familiar turn.

With sharp focus and alertness, it was obvious both teams were conscious of the fact that this round was pivotal to winning this contest.

But Mustapha, who hasn’t failed the Academicians when called upon, showed up stronger in STEM than the ‘Baakano’ boys.

For the first time in the contest, Accra Aca led with a difference of twenty (20) points by earning thirty-five (35) points with Augusco was content to leave with fifteen (15) points.

One-on-one Round

Here we go! Whoever would pull the last of their intellectual resources to win this round was likely to be crowned winner of this contest.

Samuel was paired with Bryan: as experts in English for Accra Aca and Augusco respectively.

Augusco went another step ahead when Bryan took the second question for ten (10) points.

Alexander and Ampofo were the definition of sharp minds when they shared the twenty (20) points available in Math. They stood in the names of Augusco and Accra Aca respectively.

As Science specialists, Samuel from St. Augustine’s College faced Mustapha from Accra Aca.

Samuel made the quizmaster’s work lighter for him as he brilliantly intercepted the reading of the two questions for twenty (20) points.

In General Knowledge, Kwabena and Kugblenu made themselves available as experts for Augusco and Accra Aca respectively.

As cool as a breeze, Samuel bagged the twenty (20) points at stake.

Thus, Accra Aca ended the round with ten (10) points as Augusco ran away with sixty (60) points.

When final Scores were tabulated, Accra Aca had one hundred and ten (110) points, while Augusco had one hundred and seventy (170) points.

Augusco has been named 2nd runner-up on two occasions in their Senior Sharks appearances. Will this be the year they go further than that? Congratulations goes to both schools.

The Sharks Quiz is developed by the Academic Talent Development Program and produced by the Adesa Production Limited (APL).

Official media partner is TV3.

Sponsors: MTN, G-Money, Fidelity Bank, Academic City University College, Family Health Medical School, Ashesi University, and University of the Free State.

Augusco pull the brakes on red-hot Accra Aca


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