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Bhadext Cona copies Kuami Eugene’s Bunker video ‘Scene By Scene’ After accusing Him of stealing her song [+Video]

In her most recent video, Comfort Sticking, better known by her stage name Bhadext Cona, a rising Ghanaian female artist from the Upper East Region, allegedly gave Kuami Eugene a “taste of his own scam.”

1 1662620290642
Bhadext Cona copies Kuami Eugene's Bunker video 'Scene By Scene' After accusing Him of stealing her song [+Video]
Bhadext Cona

The Bolga hitmaker appears to have been influenced by Kuami Eugene’s Bunker video, which was released a few weeks ago.

In a video seen by Sarknation.com on Instagram, both song videos were combined into a collage and revealed a striking likeness.

Despite small differences between Bhadext Cona’s and Kuami Eugene’s movies, it was clear that ‘copying’ had taken place.

The Bunker video by Kuami Eugene was launched three weeks ago and has over 1.2 million views on YouTube, as well as answers and comments.

Bhadext Cona’s Bolga video, on the other hand, was only released a few days ago and followed in the footsteps of the Walahi crooner.

Bhadext Cona says that Kuami Eugene took her Bolga song and turned it into his Bunker, which has sparked a back-and-forth.

Do you think there’s similarities between the two songs ?


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