Blakk Rasta’s “Thief President” has been taken down from YouTube, and his account been blocked.

Officials from YouTube have deleted Blakk Rasta’s song “Thief President” from the video-sharing platform due to infractions.

The song had been out for a month and had received a lot of attention until it was taken down.

The account of Blakk Rasta has likewise been disabled.

The singer criticized the hacking of his YouTube profile, which he claimed had some suspected government individuals reporting to YouTube, at his annual Kuchoko Roots Festival.

He claimed that followers of African ‘thief’ presidents were outraged by the song and would go to any length to have it outlawed.

According to him, hackers took down his channel after posting cyber-harmful content, forcing YouTube to remove the page he had maintained for over 10 years.

Some government apparatus, according to Blakk Rasta, is complicit in “this game of intolerance and intimidation.”

The musician has stated that he is in contact with YouTube to have the page restored since he believes “Thief President” is an African anthem that must be heard by Africans.

Meanwhile, Blakk Rasta’s YouTube account has been “compromised,” according to YouTube. Officials have stated that they are attempting to restore it.

From the moment it was released, ‘Thief President’ became an instant hit with music fans, and it became a staple for Kuchoko fans.


Blakk Rasta's “Thief President” has been taken down from YouTube, and his account been blocked.


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