I Have Gained Fame For The Comedy Industry- Clemento Suarez


Clemento Suarez has gained fame and success for the Ghana Comedy Industry.

“I am really humbled by all the praises I get on a daily basis but one thing I know for sure is that, whatever it is, it is a win for the entire comedy industry. I will not sit here and take it all, there were others before me and they paved the way for some of us”.

“Even though such praises are encouraging and appreciative, I want to believe that I am not where I want to be. There is so much I can do, so I will not let this get into my head. It only means that the comedy industry is doing well, it has a lot of prospects,” Clemento adds.

While Clemento’s success might seem overnight to some people, he revealed that he always knew that one day, he would become a household name.

“Of course, I knew I will get here one day. Right from my days at the university, I had the fame from campus, so I had an idea of how things were going to turn out,” he said.

One of Clemento Suarez’s best traits is the impersonation of characters and he disclosed that it was not as easy as he made it look.

“It is not an easy thing, you need time to study the character, practice over a period of time so that you can get your act right.

“However, if you are fortunate to have the physical stature of whoever you are impersonating, it makes the work much more easier but if not, it means you have to look for something else about the person to mimic,” he explained.

Clemento Suarez, whose real name is Clement Ashiteye, said he had plans of taking his craft international and work was going to make that dream a reality.

He urged his colleagues and fans to always know their worth. “We should be vigilant so that event organisers do not take us for granted, we should also learn more, sharpen our punchlines, among others.


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