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Communications From Team SarkCess Will Be Great To Fans In Planning- Kwabena Wiredu Arthur

One of the key features of an artist (brand) is your fanbase. They play a major role in your craft as a musician, they consume your music, defend your brand and represent your brand anywhere they find themselves.

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You might have seen that recently on Twitter, Sarknatives are not happy with the fact that Sarkodie hasn’t released a major project getting to a year now.

An executive member (lead member) of Sarknatives Kwabena Wiredu Arthur during an interview with Sammy Flex on his Real talk show shared his concern about Sarkodie not releasing a project after his No Pressure Album.

According to him, music comes with a spirit and at a particular time in an artist’s career, he might not be in the mood to release/record a new tune or better still focus on other aspects of his career.


He indicated that it’s a bit worrying for Sarkodie not releasing any project because it makes some of the fans lose passion for the craft since they don’t get what they want from the artist sometimes.

Adding to that, he made mentioned of support from the main artist to the fanbase is also another problem they have with the Sarkcess team. According to him, they have been supportive but he thinks it should be more intensive just to encourage the fanbase.


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