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Gingsen, a rapper, has expressed his displeasure with blogger Dumolga’s recent remarks about him.

Gingsen is a gifted rapper based in the Upper East Region whose hard work has gotten him a feature on E.L’s BAR 6 album as well as a recent collaboration with Fadlan, song titled OKAY.

1 1662620290642

Gingsen, a rapper, has expressed his displeasure with blogger Dumolga's recent remarks about him.

Blogger Joe Elom Dumolga expressed his thoughts on the song on Facebook by saying:“When Fadlan and Richkid combined their local dialect in delivering their verse, an artiste based in Bolga was like jiggy. After everything, keep looking for a home support and an antidote for a break through.”

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Many people were offended by the blogger’s comment, therefore Dumolga responded with the following post in response to the critics:
“THINK- Hail and offer pro bono publicity, you are the best !!
Criticize and you are downgraded to a CLOUT CHASER.
Ayoo, continue my Bolga Jiggy.”

Gingsen was triggered by this message and chose to respond with this:

Lol my g.. you’ve never offered me pro bono services, anything at the time you did for me was because of gratitude for helping you get the job you have today at Harmattan GH , and if it wasn’t clear to you then let it be clear now that I was part of the people who vouched for you to have the spot you have today there after myself and Swagboi couldn’t accept it That aside when was the last time  you’ve done anything concerning my works (might it be that I haven’t reached out severally, no I don’t think soo ). Have I in any way complained about it NO! and that’s because I don’t force people to do things against their will. You on the other hand for whatever reason have decided to want me as an enemy to the extent that when other younger artists who have songs with me and I have asked  to hit you up to provide your services to, you either take the cash and don’t do everything you’ve agreed on or totally turn them down! (Still do I come out here to publicly ridicule your actions? NO!) and why’s that ? Because again I don’t want to force people to do things out of their will. But here we are for the second time after not having anything positive to say about my stuff (which I honestly don’t care about) trying to make people feel like I’m not of enough worth because I don’t use the frafra language in a song everyone is praising and talking about because you feel it’s the right avenue to gather clout since  you’d be roped in the hype. why haven’t you stayed mute like you’ve done in these past years huh? It’s obvious I guess! . Lastly I don’t know what you mean by Home support? I clearly make music and all I know is when I make music I make music for audiences who appreciate what I do and decide to listen to my stuff aswell support thus I’ve never been seen anywhere seeking for approval from anybody or any group of people I know my worth and what that’d do for me! soo if your fixated mind is still bent on labeling me whatever that’s fine, besides it’s your mind. But maybe you should channel your energy towards people who you think are doing what you want because the last time I checked all you do is rope them in ridiculous things all in the name being the elite persons on the app smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

Watch The New Song Music Video Here, Fadlan – Okay Ft Gingsen & Ricchkid Below:


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