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“I’d Rather Post A Picture Of A Flower Than The Man I’m Dating.” – Xandy Kamel

Xandy Kamel, who is still unhappy over her divorce from ex-husband King Kaninja, has promised to never flaunt her current beau on social media.

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In an interview with Kwaku Manu on Aggressive, the actress revealed that she will no longer brag about her boyfriend on social media.


She stated that she arrived to that conclusion after reflecting on her unsuccessful marriage to the sports presenter.

Xandy said: “When I ultimately open myself to a man, I’ll tread carefully.”

“I’ve learned my lesson and grown as a result of my experiences. It was correct that I go over it. Because I worked on myself, I now know how to carry myself around my man.”

“I know how to handle my relationship better than ever before, and I will never flaunt my partner on WhatsApp or social media.”

“Put it out of your mind. Please be aware that if you are a man who wishes to be in my life, I will not post you. I’ll never do that; instead, I’d rather publish a picture of a flower than the man I’m dating.” She advised women to put their own needs first.

Xandy Kamel has stated that she will be weary of selfish men when it comes to selecting her future marriage.


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