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Kofi Adoma’s Wife (Miracle) Collapses After Escaping An Attack From Unknown Assailants

Mrs. Miracle Adoma, the award-winning television star Kofi Adomah’s wife, came dangerously close to being attacked by several unidentified individuals while she was walking home from work.
This comes only about a week after a similar assault on her husband Kofi Adomah.

spot where her husband was recently attacked was where Mrs. Adomah noticed some unidentified males driving a black car following her as she was making her way home, according to a report seen on Angelonline.

1 1662620290642
She made the decision to drive to the Agbogba police station and take refuge there as a precaution.
She was supposed to be escorted home by some officers after she arrived, but she reportedly fell en route due to shock and had to be taken to a local hospital.
When Mrs. Adoma arrived at the hospital, health officials held her for a short period of time to make sure everything was good before releasing her to go home.
You might remember that on Saturday, Kofi Adomah, her husband, narrowly averted fatal injury when he was attacked by some unknown individuals when he was driving on the Agbogba-Kwabenya road in the Ga East Municipality.
According to the article on AngelOnline, Kofi Adoma has continued to get several warnings, including WhatsApp messages threatening to give him an acid bath.

he stated earlier this year, the attackers had had the journalist on their radar for some time.

He claims that he has received a great deal of intimidation from strangers, including threats to make his life miserable.

It is unknown why his life is being threatened, but last year, while he was returning from a December 31st night service, some assailants on motorbikes approached his car and broke the windows.

arrests have been reported by the police in relation to these assaults or the threats.


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