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More Pictures Of Akosua Kimmy, Delay’s Alleged daughter.

After her former house-help disclosed information about the secret daughter, photos of Deloris Afia Frimpong Manso Delay’s daughter start surfacing on the internet.

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Akosua Kimmy, a daughter who now lives in the United States of America, has become an instant fame.

Apparently, Delay has been posting the girl, but no one has guessed she is the long-awaited hidden daughter that the rumor industry has been after for years.

Akosua Kimmy

No one would have known about her daughter if it hadn’t been for Afia Schwarzenegger’s claim that she is childless.

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Delay is upset that her daughter Akosua Kimmy has been exposed to Ghanaian showbiz, which can be aggressive in the name of beef at times.


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