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Nigerian singer Davido is criticized by Muslims for his offensive anti-Islam video

Renowned American Nigerian singer David Adedeji Adeleke Oon, widely known as Davido, has found himself embroiled in controversy over his latest promotional music video. The video, which has drawn ire from the Muslim community in Nigeria, features scenes deemed offensive to Islam and Muslims.

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In the video’s trailer, a group of men dressed in traditional attire is shown praying in a mosque-like setting. However, seconds later, these same men are depicted dancing and singing, causing an uproar among viewers.

The reactions to the video have been polarized, with supporters of the artist defending his creative expression, while critics condemn the use of religious imagery in a music video. One of the prominent voices expressing outrage is former President Muhammad Buhari’s aide, Bashir Ahmed, who described the video as “hurtful” and “disrespectful.”

Muslims across social media platforms echoed Bashir’s sentiments, deeming the video disrespectful to their faith. They stressed the importance of respecting each other’s religion and expressed their discontent over the misuse of sacred elements, such as Salah (prayer), which holds significant importance in Islam.

On the other hand, some supporters of Davido have come forward to defend the video, arguing that it doesn’t contain any derogatory references to the religion. They assert that the song “Jaye Ola,” performed by Davido’s signee, Logos Olori, doesn’t harbor any negative intent towards Islam.

Nigeria, with a population of over 230 million, is nearly equally divided between Muslims and Christians, with each group accounting for around 50% and 46% of the total population, respectively.

The video has stirred deep emotions and raised important discussions about the boundaries of artistic freedom and the need for sensitivity when it comes to religious themes in popular culture.



Nigerian singer Davido is criticized by Muslims for his offensive anti-Islam video


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