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[Opinion] Okyeame Kwame Questions If The God Of The Bible And Quran Can Hate, “Can A Loving God Hate?

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[Opinion] Okyeame Kwame Questions If The God Of The Bible And Quran Can Hate, “Can A Loving God Hate?
Okyeame Kwame popularly known as the rap Doctor took to his Facebook page to write this:BDDF4ECB 0F14 4BED B413 875282136846

“You hate death don’t you ? Is it because you do not understand it ? Well. Hate is often used towards despicable things – things we despise and would like to eliminate. We hate the things that make us feel less than our ideal self or things we have been programmed to hate . Christianity says hate the snake , Pan -say hate your oppressor , productivity says hate laziness etc . We yell at our children ; I hate your behavior!!!

I am a human being and I’m almost incapable of hate. I have trained my mind to not dwell on any negative thought long enough for it to develop into hate. As challenging as this journey is, I am enjoying myself whilst turning all the people, things, and ideas that I should hate, into a project of understanding (and conversion where applicable). The more I manifest the God in me, the more effortless it is for me to submerge negative thoughts in love – and not transform them into hate.

If even I cannot hate another man, how then would the all-knowing and all-loving God?

When you hate something, you stop it from influencing you positively. Your hate blocks you from fully examining that thing you have decided to hate. Maybe you hate a thing because you do not understand that thing.


As I’m growing, learning, and knowing the universality of love, I have come to see that hate-like fear is a product of thought, and therefore, animalistic in character. Such behaviour is a specialty of our ego. That is certainly not a reflection of the God in us. Hating someone is like drinking poison and expecting your enemies to die. Scientifically, hate pours excessive cortisol in your system, which causes high blood pressure , heartaches, reduce energy levels , disrupt sleep and even contribute to diabetes.

Can God, who teaches us to forgive 77 x 7 times, ask Saul to kill the Amalekites because He is a God of vengance?

Can Allah, who through the prophet Muhammed (PBUH) taught us that a man is not a true muslim until he wishes for others all the good things he wishes for himself, also hate infidels and even ask that people selling intoxicants to be killed?

Can Onyankopon support the Asantes to Kill the Dankyera’s and not hate the Denkyiras?

One of my favorite verses in the bible is Mathew 5:44 where Jesus said: “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

This is the ultimate love .

Hate comes from thought , thought comes from memory, memory comes from time but God is timeless , therefore God cannot hate.

1. Can a loving God hate?
2. How do you handle your human tendency to hate?

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