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Pentecost Social Services constructs a smock-weaving facility at Zebilla, Upper East Region Of Ghana

In the Upper East Region of Ghana, near Zebilla, Pentecost Social Services, a division of The Church has constructed a smock-weaving facility. The center was established as part of the church’s plan to give its people economic empowerment, with youth as the main audience. The Pentecost Church’s official Twitter account, @thecophq, posted some lovely images of the brand-new building. PLEASE NOTE:

1 1662620290642

The Church has been very active in charitable activities lately, and they don’t appear to be slowing down. The Pentecost Social Services, a division of the church, established a smock-weaving facility at Zebilla in Ghana’s Upper East Region.


According to the church, the effort aimed to give churchgoers, particularly young people, more self-confidence. The institution’s official Twitter account, @thecophq, provided some lovely pictures of the building. According to the church’s tweet:

The project is a part of PENTSOS’s Economic Empowerment Programme (EPP), which aims to economically enlighten churchgoers, particularly young people, by giving them access to skill-building opportunities that would enable them to find long-term work.

“.@thecophq currently has three smock-weaving centres at Zebilla, Bawku and Garu, with a total enrolment of 192. The Zebilla centre currently has 76 apprentices, 10 of whom are due for graduation.”


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