Presec Shows Class in Their Clash Against St. Hubert

Defending champions, Presec, Legon, dispatched St. Hubert Seminary and SHS at the Senior Sharks 7 quarterfinals to make it five straight semifinals.

It means that the ‘Odade3s’ have the 30th May, 2024 finale in sight should familiar rivals, Augusco allow it.

Unsurprisingly, Presec set a very high standard  once again, to beat St. Hubert with the highest margin this season.

As they readied themselves for this contest against the defending champions, St. Hubert SHS and Seminary (Suhass) were with faith like a mustard seed.

After all, they had defeated two teams, and chopped down Season 6 finalist, Adisadel College, at the Round of 16 enroute to the quarterfinals.

Unluckily for Suhass, Presec’s overall acuity presented a quagmire that finding a solution to, became a very dizzying proposition.

Irrespective of the results, however, St. Hubert will look back on their endeavours in Senior Sharks 7 as a successful one.

Right Corner Round

St. Hubert had the first go in this contest, answering eight questions on Social Literacy.

Thirty (30) points was a so-so return for their efforts.

Presec didn’t face any difficulties in General Knowledge at the Round 16 of Senior Sharks 7.

Fifty (50) points at the end of this round quite clearly indicated that they still had what it takes in Social Literacy.

R Cubed Round

Two chimes greeted the first question of this round, and while Presec’s buzzer was adjudged incorrect, St. Hubert had the bonus question of Presec well connected.

It needed no telling that the race to the semifinals was going to be a Normandy-like battle.

Immediately thereafter, Suhass gave an upstanding performance, not missing a single question buzzed for in the Reading and Writing segment.

With their reputation at stake, Presec, commandeered by Excell emerged like a genie in a bottle to dazzle in the Arithmetic segment, missing only one question.

Excell indeed was excellent!

At the end of the round, Presec had forty-five (45) points while fifty (50) points went for St. Hubert SHS.

STEM Round

Presec bounced back from the momentary setback suffered in Round 2, fit and firing on all cylinders.

Courtesy Obrempong, this round went down as the fastest to be conducted in the history of Senior Sharks 7.

Without letting quizmaster complete the reading of the clues, Obrempong buzzed nonstop, with only one buzz going amiss.

The Hunters, a moniker for St. Hubert, could only put on their goggles as they watched the Presecans sparkling like silver.

At the end of the round, St. Hubert had been negatived by fifteen (-15) points while Presec recorded the biggest score in the STEM round of Senior Sharks 7, with eighty-five (85) points.

With that, the contest was mathematically over.

One-on-one Round

For its financial relevance and significance, the final round of this contest came off as required.

John and Eugene were presented as English experts for St. Hubert and Presec respectively.

Only the first question was deciphered correctly in the name of John.

In Mathematics, two astute whizzes, Pedro and Excell made themselves guests of each other.

It was Excell’s day, as he quickly snatched the second question when his counterpart was still busily immersed in solving the question.

Another set of Science geeks, Obrempong and Stephen represented Suhass and Presec respectively.

All two questions went for Obrempong fantastically.

General Knowledge dons, Nyakpas and David lined up for Suhass and Presec respectively, with Presec once again bagging twenty (20) points from David’s precise responses.

At the end of the round, St. Hubert had ten (10) points while Presec earned fifty (50) points.

Thus, final scores for this contest gave seventy-five (75) to St. Hubert Seminary and SHS and two hundred and thirty (230) to Presec.

St. Hubert Seminary and SHS lost to the ‘Blue Magicians, but in reality, there’s no dishonour in that.

The seminarians did the best they could, except that the Presecans are also simply who they are- Indomitable!

The Sharks Quiz is developed by the Academic Talent Development Program and produced by the Adesa Production Limited (APL).

Official media partner is TV3.

Sponsors: MTN, G-Money, Fidelity Bank, Academic City University College, Family Health Medical School, Ashesi University, and University of the Free State.

Presec Shows Class in Their Clash Against St. Hubert




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