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Rap Naaba Tells A Sad Life Story Of How He Was Nearly Killed By Unknown Assassin At BOQ-INN, Bolgatanga

Rap Naaba, a Ghanaian hip-hop/hip life artist and song writer. He raps in English, Twi, Frafra and Hausa. Sharing his sad life story of how he graduated with a degree yet is struggling to make a living at a spot in Bolgatanga and how he nearly lost his life at the counter, this is what he wrote to sarknation.com:

1 1662620290642


The inclement weather frowned its face at everyone who looked up to ascertain whether it would let go its tears to wet the dried lands. Air as cool as vapour from a deep Frazer gripped everyone. As people were shivering and looking for something heavier to wear, I was sweating profusely in the counter of BOQ-INN. The thought that ran through my mind was big enough to carpet mother earth. I spoke to the empty bottles that surrounded me with great frustration.

Pathetically, my heart swam deep into my brain veins and returned with tears. Tears, strong enough to tell my story of heap disappointments and frustrations. My heart danced and laughed ironically with immersed sadness. The blood vessels asked my heart why it was laughing bitterly with tears. ” (………..)My heart spoke sorrowfully. His acquired degree has become too useless in his life to say the least.” My sorrowfully heart added.

I’m very startled that even in this excessive frustration and disappointments, someone contracted an unknown person to murder me in cold blood? What wrong have I done? Is it the grammar online without a penny or the music? So many questions than answers.

As I ponder over how swiftly God intervened and rescued me from the claws of the assassin, Cool breeze of air quickly caused me an instant shiver and panic. I imagined how my lifeless body would have looked like on shoulders of the road. I again channeled my imagination to social media handles. The posts, comments, status and pages that would have reported my forceful walk away from the boundaries of the physical world. The pain and excessive tears that would have been shared by the innocent wondering spirit.

As I write my last article, my fingers are tirelessly dancing on my phone keyboard. Since I did not die, I will leave to proclaim the mercy of God at all times.

Rap Naaba Tells A Sad Life Story Of How He Was Nearly Killed By Unknown Assassin At BOQ-INN, Bolgatanga

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