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Sarkodie Explains How He Made Yvonne Nelson’s Diss Song “Try Me”

Without his team’s knowledge, he purposely entered the studio to record the song. Contrary to popular assumption, neither his team nor his activities were supported by them. Sarkodie disclosed that he was on tour when the controversy started, and that instead of asking his team for guidance, he opted to follow his heart and use music to communicate his emotions.

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Sarkodie said in the interview, “I actually sneaked into the studio to record this; I didn’t let anybody hear it because I didn’t want to hear any advice, I just literally wanted to do what I felt at that point and face the consequences later on.”

Many fans are shocked by the discovery because they thought Sarkodie’s staff was aware of and in agreement with his choice to use music to address the problem. However, the rapper’s activities show that he is dedicated to expressing his thoughts and feelings in a genuine manner, free from outside influences.

“Try Me” swiftly gained attention after its release and generated discussion on social media. Sarkodie acknowledged getting a lot of calls, but oddly, the one call he was expecting—one from his lawyer—did not arrive as he had anticipated.

Sarkodie’s admission illuminates the challenges of being a well-known person and the difficulties that come with handling private issues in the public eye. It also sheds light on the creative process and the lengths to which artists would go in order to convey their emotions in their works of art.

Sarkodie Explains How He Made Yvonne Nelson’s Diss Song "Try Me"
Sarkodie Explains How He Made Yvonne Nelson’s Diss Song “Try Me”

Fans and detractors alike are eager to see how Yvonne Nelson will react to Sarkodie’s emotional track as the scenario develops. “Try Me” is still a monument to Sarkodie’s commitment to following his heart, even when it means keeping his own team in the dark, until that time.


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