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Why SDK asked his late father to ‘give up’

SDK is a popular Ghanaian comedian
SDK is a popular Ghanaian comedian

Popular Ghanaian comedian Sadik Sulley, popularly known as ‘SDK‘ has recounted a painful moment in his life when he was forced to tell his father to give up the ghost.

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He said it broke his heart to see his late father lay in his sick bed, unresponsive, and the extent to which he suffered.

On November 24, 2021, the popular skit creator whose father used to appear in his amusing skits died.

At the time, the comedian took to social media to announce his father’s death, which drew the attention of a slew of celebrities.

“I lost my father today, rest in peace, my oldgee,” he wrote.

However, a year later, SDK has spoken out about his difficult encounter during his father’s final moments on Earth.

SDK stated in excerpts from a ‘yet-to-be-aired’ interview with Delay that his late father suffered a stroke at the same time his mother suffered from the same condition.

SDK stated that the thought of his parents suffering from stroke and how it affected his family compelled him to ask his father to retire.

“He had fallen several times, and when I lifted his hands, they were very numb. After carrying him once, I told him that my mother had a stroke, and he now has one as well, so it’s best for him to give up. “He couldn’t speak, I was calling him and he wasn’t responding, so I whispered those words in his ear,” he explained to Delay.

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