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Shatta Wale has GH30K in royalties waiting for him at GHAMRO.

The Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) has informed Ghanaian reggae/dancehall star Shatta Wale that he is owed GH30,000 in royalties.

1 1662620290642

The money has been lying in GHAMRO’s coffers, and they’ve been waiting for Shatta Wale to send them his bank details so that it can be transferred to him.

In an interview with GTV, Rex Omar, the previous Chairman of GHAMRO, stated that the organization expects Shatta Wale to collect the royalties accumulated on his music over the years, making him the greatest earner.

“GHAMRO has not been working 100% but it is a work in progress. We did a distribution in December and @shattawalegh was the highest earner.”

“Shatta Wale’s money is with GHAMRO, we’ve spoken to his management requesting for their account details for the money to be paid to him.”

“Shatta Wale’s money with GHAMRO is over 30,000 cedis, we’re only waiting for his management to bring us his account details so that the money will be paid into his account,” Rex Omar said.

Shatta Wale reacted positively to the news, but clarified that he had no management and that GHAMRO did not need to observe his mismanagement before transferring the funds to him.

He further stated that the royalties will be used to clear his taxes, as he was being pursued by the Ghana Revenue Authority for non-payment of taxes.

He scripted : I am using all this money to file my tax cuz I can’t bear the pressure anymore from GRA.. No money in our industry and the little we make too the system takes it .. Thank you GHAMRO for this transparency!!

Shatta Wale has GH30K in royalties waiting for him at GHAMRO.


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