Stonebwoy Mentions His Phone Number To The Public


Stonebwoy Mentions His Phone Number To The Public. Ever since Stonebwoy and his Manager Black Cedi got separated, many was wondering how they could reach out to him. As you all might know, it is the Manager that serves as a link between the musician and his clients.

HITZ FM’s Andy Dosty asked this to Stonebwoy in an interview on Day Break Hitz Show this Monday morning.

He was asked that now that he doesn’t have a manager or a PRO, how can he be reached?

In answering, Stonebwoy said as we can all see, he’s becoming bigger and bigger everyday with or without a manager.

“From that time till now, I have increased times 1000 so that tells you work is going on even better. How was I able to work from that time to this time? If there was no contacts, how was I able to come to this interview? So simply put, “0501550000“.

So that’s it for you, Stonebwoy’s number is 0501550000. Contact him if you have any business deal and you’ll be directed on the steps to take.

Watch The Interview Below:


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