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Wiyaala, aka The Lioness of Africa is trending on all media platforms for the role she played in rescuing  a sixteen (16) year old Junior high school (JHS) girl in Funsi, the District capital of Wa East in the Upper West Region, from getting married to a 36-year-old farmer from Halimbogie, a small farming community near Funsi.

1 1662620290642

Wiyaala said the victim is a member of her “Boys and Girls Club”, a group she formed for the youth in Funsi.

According to Wiyaala, she called for the arrest of the suspect to serve as a warning and deterrent to other men who try to indulge in the act of forcefully marrying girls under the age of 18.

Whilst all media houses are publishing the story with their own nice captions to help fight the canker,The Lioness is not happy with that of Zionfelixdotcom because Zion has twisted the story and it’s attracting insults to her,Felix Caption reads :”Wiyaala Has Her Eyes on Those Who wants to marry A Child,” and  According to Wiyaala it’s not her alone but it was a collective responsibility of the girl family who reported the case to the police ,the girl headmistress, the police ,the CID were all involved and she also took part to add her voice to help fight such cases.

She revealed further that the man is alleged of already married to two girls and they don’t even know how he married them and now he wants to add third one and so they needed to deal with him to serve as warning  to others.

“But when you start posting and twisting headlines and making it an “I” thing , you are already causing problems, because people are attacking me personally ”, Wiyaala  said.

Below is the video of what she said on Instagram:


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