The Boy Who Acted Ishaan In “Like Stars On Earth “ Movie,See How He Has Grown Into Big Boy.


The Boy Who Acted Ishaan In “Like Stars On Earth “ Movie, See How He Has Grown Into Big Boy. Hello family, let take a look at the boy who acted Ishaan in the movie “Like Stars On Earth”

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A Bollywood film released in 2007 produced and directed by Aamir Khan, who also starred as the substitute teacher.

The movie tells a story of young Ishaan, an eight-year-old boy who struggles to adapt to school and where he lives. After years of fighting his rebellious ways, his parents decide to send him away to boarding school so that he can learn to be disciplined.

Ishaan suffers from the mental disease called dyslexia, this is only discovered by his art teacher who then explains to Ishaan’s parents all of years of learning he has lost.

This is a realistic movie, about a sickness and the suffering of millions of misunderstood children. This is the type of movie that all parents and teachers should watch.

Sometimes we forget, and only believe in what we see, missing out  in important details that are overlooked. It was impossible to try and not get teary eyed and emotional.

This movie is a prime work of art from the producer Aamir Khan has come across Ishaan who was very young in the movie has turned into a big boy.

Below are pictures of how he looks now;



Watch the video below:


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