There’s No 100% Love Anywhere, Its Small Money, Small Love -Hon. Kennedy Agyapong.


Hon Kennedy Agyapong has advised the young guys to make money before entering into relationships because There’s  No 100% Love Anywhere, Its Small Money, Small Love.

He made this public during an interview he granted on Asaase 99.5FM On Sunday 22nd November,2020.He said that he always share his life story  to motivate the young ones coming up.There’s  No 100% Love Anywhere,

“I was once poor so now that I have made it, I love to tell my story so the young ones can learn from it and have hope that they can also make it despite their poor backgrounds”, he said.

Talking about dating women, Kennedy Agyapong advised young men not to rush into it, indicating that all that is necessary is to make money and any girl of your choice will fall in line.

Using himself as an example, he stated that he wasn’t the taste of ladies as a young man but now that he has money, it’s the cash that does the talking.

“When I was young, the girls didn’t like me. Okay? Those who were going round chasing girls, Wesley Girls, Holy Child, now the girls don’t love them. Now I don’t need to talk and the money can command. Whether you like it or not, there’s no 100% love anywhere, it’s small money, small love.”, he said.

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