Arhh. Wendy Shay Got Married Today?


Arhh. Wendy Shay Got Married Today?
News is fast spreading on the internet that, afro-pop star Wendy Shay has tied the knot after a photo and video of the singer dressed in a wedding gown popped up.

Today,Saturday, December 12, 2020, a Twitter user by name ‘Jay Sterling’ shared a photo of Wendy Shay dressed as a bride while sitting next to a man dressed as a groom in a wedding set up. Popular master of ceremonies, MC Cutie was also in the cut.

He captioned the photo: “Arhh. Wendy Shay got married today?”

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Another User with the name Lawslaw tweet: “Yes. The ceremony is even ongoing. The husband works at Guinness Ghana. He’s the quality control manager.”

However, checks on Wendy Shay’s Instagram accounts shows that speculation the is not true.

The videos and photos which are being circulated on social media are actually behind-the-scenes shots from an upcoming music video for her song.

The “H.I.T” singer published the behind-the-scenes video herself on her Instagram page and said ‘it’s every girl’s dream to get married someday’, adding that the song is titled “Wedding Song” and scheduled for release on Tuesday (December 15).



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