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Black Sherif’s Manager, Madonna, Breaks Silence On Ingratitude Allegations Of His Artiste

Madonna, the manager of Black Sherif, the fast-rising rapper and singer, has finally spoken out about the claims levied against the artist.

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It will be remembered that Black Sherif was recently chastised by DJ Slim of a Kumasi radio station for being ungrateful to his manager. During an editorial highlight, DJ Slim revealed that Black Sherif had packed out of the 7-bedroom house his manager had purchased for him and his team, as well as the 100 pairs of shoes he had purchased for him.

Black Sherif’s Manager, Madonna, Breaks Silence On Ingratitude Allegations Of His Artiste
Black Sherif

Madonna, the former manager of Black Sherif, revealed that ‘Snap’ came into the picture as an investor following the successful shoot of ‘Second Sermon’ hit during an interview with Da Don on Hitz FM’s ‘U Sey Weytin’. Empire Entertainment, on the other hand, shot the remix with Burna Boy.

“Snap came on board as an investor. We started working with him after Second Sermon, and the only we project we released under his support was Second Sermon Remix… and even with that, his investment wasn’t neck-deep into the project. The production of the remix and shooting of the video was funded by EMPIRE.”

“Of course, Snap sorted us out with some few things – he provided us with shelter. He didn’t buy any house for Black Sherif as speculated on social media. It was his house, and we were all living in it including Snap himself and his boys,” Madonna added.

Madonna confirmed the existence of a contract between Snap and Black Sherif when asked by Da Don. However, he refused to get into specifics about the arrangement.

“The contract is very sensitive on the management level so I wouldn’t want to discuss it in public,” he declared.


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