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WHY WON’T THEY ROB? – Rap Naaba 

Ghanaian Rap act popularly known as Rap Naaba writes on the recent alarming rate of armed robbery cases in the Upper East Region and Ghana as a whole. As a concern citizen, this is what he wrote:

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Rap Naaba

“With a bottle of icy vitamilk, I sat quietly and watched the display of nudity, coupled with acrobatics in the swimming pool. Some of the ladies were braless and others with transparent pants and under wears; yet, they were not perturbed by their display of immorality. They were busy winding their waist and dancing to the tunes coming from loud speakers while the portrait camera of their iphones kept flashing here and there. This motivated the DJ to spin more.

I liked their overwhelmed freedom and happiness. This really helps one to forget about thoughts bothering issues. It puts you in a state of happiness. However, few minutes later, I asked myself “Are their parents aware of their swimming tactics and wears? Do they approve of it? Will these ladies make a good home when they marry?”

I tried so much to get answers for the questions trickling in my mind. Finally, I asked myself “How did we get here? ” Is this the same Upper East that parents use to always  advice their sons in the diaspora that ” if you want to marry, come home because the girls here are very humble, morally upright, hardworking and they are marital materials.

I was discombobulated linking those words with the current happenings. Are these youngsters interested in sex or just self satisfaction? One will be startled with how the young guys are sponsoring them with expensive drinks, wines and plates of spicy delicacies. You would wonder where they got the money from? Spending monies as if they were leaves that could be plugged from a nim tree. Why won’t they rob? Who will waste his hard earned money in numerous pools, pubs and night clubs easily like that? It was apparent that these guys did not have any meaningful work doing; yet, they had money to engage in reckless spending in a bid to exhibit their youthful exuberance.

They live and enjoy a high class life and flaunting expensive motorbikes and new cars. Why won’t they rob?

In the midst of all these dirt, I pondered on how we have got here and Who should take responsibility of this moral decadence. Who should be blamed for this moral decadence. Has society failed the youth? Some parents are unable to question their wards of their overnight wealth. Your unemployed son keeps changing expensive motorbikes with different registration  numbers; yet, parents are mute. Perhaps, these parents are beneficiaries of their ill-gotten money. So why won’t it continue?

Your ward goes out and comes home anytime he/she desires. A colleague musician from Bongo on Christmas day took his younger brother on a ride to Bolga around 8pm. The boy was shocked to see his age mates as well as those he was older than flooded the street. They were very busy on the street, moving to and fro. So the boy asked his elder brother “Where are the parents of these  children? Why won’t there be rampant robbery in our society?

In fact my encounter with armed robbers at Yorogo one night was heartbreaking. They looked very young and by stature, they were not built but they wielded sophisticated ammunition dangerous enough to send chills down one’s spine.

Indeed, when hopes turn despair, hard earned academic certificates parked under beds and no capital to start a business, what happens? “


By: Rap Naaba 


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