Akuapem Poloo Gains International  Recognitions After Declaring Her Conversion To Islam

Rosemond Alade Brown, a well-known Ghanaian actress who is also known as Akuapem Poloo in the entertainment industry, gained international recognition after declaring her conversion to Islam.
Akuapem Poloo Gains International Recognitions After Declaring Her Conversion To Islam
The actress was highlighted on the Indian news as a media outlet publicized and praised her conversion from Christianity to Islam.

Wow India oo I’m just blessed Haha I love it how other countries pronounce my name Akuapempuluu my name has gone far oo worldwide I wish I understand what she is saying (HIS FAVOR ON ME ALHAMDULILLAH ) being featured in Indian news lol wow, According to Poloo.

The news anchor was speaking in Hindu, so the actress did not comprehend what she was saying.
One Indian who spoke the language explained to her that the news was highly pleased about her ceasing to wear skimpy clothing and that it was broadcast to dispel the myth that Islam is spread by coercion in India.


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