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Asantewaa Discloses The Amount She Charges Before She Posts A Song Despite Social Media Backlashes

Asantewaa has come forward to reveal her rate card for working on songs in the wake of the social media wrath she is now experiencing for cynically implying that Ghanaian musicians who release songs in the current period will suffer without TikTokers to get their songs go viral.

1 1662620290642

The manager of Asantewaa claimed in an interview for Okay FM’s drivetime program that they charge GHC3000 regardless of the sort of music they are asked to work on.

Asantewaa & Her Manager

He was quick to add, however, that, depending on the artist, there are occasions when they do not charge a dime to post the music they are contacted with on any of their multiple social media sites.

Asantewaa clarified that, in most cases, they weigh a variety of factors before deciding to charge an artiste a certain sum of money for their work or do it for free.


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