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B-Wayne Laments On How A Video Director Messed Up With His “All Correct” Song Video

Sensational artiste, B-Wayne shared his story about how things didn’t go as planned with his music video. He saved up money to make an official video for his song “All Correct.”

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He asked his female friends to help, and they stopped what they were doing to be part of the video. He rented cameras, lights, and sound equipment to make the video look good. Unfortunately, some gadgets got damaged, and he had to pay for the repairs.

He also had his guy friends and media people who supported him during the video-making process. But in the end, the video director messed things up, and there was no video to show for it.

B-Wayne learned that in the music business, it’s important to stay positive and motivated. Many challenges can come your way, and it might seem like everything is going wrong. But despite all the difficulties, you have to keep pushing forward because it’s up to you to make your dreams come true.

He made the statement on His WhatsApp status as seeing below Sarknation.com:

B-Wayne Laments Oh How A Video Director Messed Up With His “All Correct” Song Video

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