Boyfriend ‘Strips Girlfriend N3ked’ And Then Flogs Her In The Presence Of His Friends For Cheating On Him [WATCH]

After her boyfriend, Fatai, gathered some of his pals and whipped her cruelly over suspicions that she was cheating on him, a Nigerian lady simply named as Aduke turned to her Whatsapp status to cry out for justice.

Aduke, a Bartholomew College of Health Shao, Kwara State HND1 student, told her friends that the incident occurred at Fatai’s home.


Fatai had invited her to his residence without telling her what he was planning to do, according to her pals. When she arrived at his house, she was greeted by a group of his male pals in his living room. He then began questioning her, accusing her of having connections. Things took a turn for the worst when he and his cronies grabbed her hands and legs and began thrashing her with a cane.

He removed her trousers and flogged her naked buttocks at one point. He changed his mind and put her pants back on.

Aduke posted videos from the scene to her Whatsapp status. The incident was reported to the police and the Army, as well as the media.


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