Eduwodzi bemoans
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Eduwodzi bemoans “Too Much Juju in the Music Industry.”

Gbede, better known by his stage name Eduwodzi, a singer from Ghana, has bemoaned the prevalence of juju in the music business.
He complained that there is too much juju in the music industry to Nana Adjoa Arthur, the host of Yenko Fie on
He discussed his struggles following the 2011 publication of his debut single, “Yenko Nkoa.”

signed a contract to tour the USA and 19 other countries after I released ‘Yenko Nkoa,’ but I lost the deal owing to my illness,” the performer said.

1 1662620290642
In Ghana, being a musician is difficult.
You will regret ever becoming a musician if you don’t have a strong spiritual foundation.
Eduwodzi bemoans "Too Much Juju in the Music Industry."
It was discovered that several colleagues in the music business were to blame for my misery after visiting numerous churches.
God saved me when I was about to pass away.
According to Eduwodzi, music in Ghana is a question of life and death.
He also discussed his musical intentions.
“Two new singles are currently in the works for me.
Hopefully they will debut the next year.


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