‘I’ll take responsibility for my mistake’ – Meek Mill acknowledges

“I’ll take responsibility for my mistake. They didn’t know it was a video footage,” American rapper Meek Mill has acknowledged.

The musician who received harsh criticism on social media for bringing Ghana’s president into disrepute claimed that his goal was to help promote Ghana outside of the US because the country in West Africa receives so little attention there.

After receiving criticism on social media for sharing a music video he shot at the Jubilee House, Mill tweeted on January 9, 2023, claiming that people were amazed by the creativity and unaware of the existence of what they saw there.


He claims that the action wasn’t deliberate.

“I don’t think they knew it was video footage when we asked to shoot its a small camera and one kid … in America we didn’t know this existed and was excited to show because they don’t show Ghana on our media much! So I’ll take responsibility for my mistake! Not intentional,” he tweeted.

‘I’ll take responsibility for my mistake’ – Meek Mill acknowledges

He has since removed the video and expressed regret to the President’s office and Ghanaians.


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