In a post on DJ Khaled official Instagram page, He proclaims his support for Black Sherif’s song “Kweku The Traveler.”

The Grammy Award-winning record producer and well-known American DJ DJ Khaled shared a little clip of Black Sherif singing “Kwaku The Traveller” on his official Instagram account.

The fact that DJ Khaled posted the song on his page shows how much he like the lyrics. The caption for the photograph stated that Sherif’s brilliance caught the Award-winning Record Producer’s attention.

Khaled captioned the posted video with the following: “@blacksherif_ KEEP GOING Music that touch your soul.” Since then, the post has gotten a lot of feedback from Ghanaians, particularly followers of the Black Sherif.

Dj Khaled

Black Sherif’s conception Mohammed Ismail Sherif is having a great time and is succeeding because of his popular song. The song “Kwaku The Traveller” by Black Sherif is beloved by a variety of celebrities.

Music lovers’ responses and reviews following the song’s release were “wild.” Week after week, the song has been at the top of the charts, and daily streaming growth is evident.


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