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Jackie Appiah Lives In Heaven; Her Queenly bedroom, smart toilet, and Other Luxurious Amenities Surfaces Online [Watch]

After a video from her magnificent  property in Trassaco estate near East Legon in Accra surfaced, Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah became popular online.

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Following her recent trip to Ghana, Jackie gave Nigerian actress Luchy Donalds a tour of the home. The Nigerian actress was surprised of Jackie’s home astounded Luchy Donalds, who was overheard extolling its virtues.

For her, Jackie’s home, which she referred to as Queen J’s Villa, was a castle rather than a typical mansion. In her excitement, Luchy displayed a number of interior spaces that had never been shared online.

Jackie Appiah

The bedroom of Jackie Appiah

Her  bedroom was one of the areas the Nigerian actress displayed. It appeared to be a bedroom fit for kings in the video.

Jackie’s bedroom is a pretty roomy space, and it’s nicely furnished with a huge mirror-built wardrobe. Jackie had a ton of dresses and other clothing, as evidenced by the closet.

Jackie’s smart water closet toilet

Luchy Donald went into Jackie Appiah’s bathroom while still in the bedroom. It just so happened to be a smart bathroom. The top had automatically opened, letting water flow, even before Luchy and Jackie arrived.

View the video here


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