L.Gre Set To Release A New Song Titled “Phaya” After It Was Alleged That She Has Parted Ways With Her Long Time Producer/ Manager.

Ghanaian Songstress L.Gre was in the news last week to have Parted Ways With Her Long-Time Manager Luzey. Hitztracksgh.com reported the news indicating that L.Gre is one of Ghana’s most promising new performers, signed to the Real Life Highlife record label (R.LH.L). She has been a fantastic artist, and as a result, the record label’s brand has soared to new heights, which is incredible.

L.Gre & Luzey
L.Gre & Luzey

The recording artist stated in an interview with radio host Ohemaa Trudly on her Ihil TV/Radio entertainment program that she will not leave her record company, RLHL, no matter what happens, but that she had parted ways with her management.

L.Gre After the release of her new single “Silence,” which is presently making waves, the amazing vocalist with a wide vocal range has parted ways with her long-time producer and management Luzey.

Because of the singer’s long absence, it’s been suggested that she was introduced to a business mogul who promised to sign her to a record deal.

The blogger claimed to have obtained the information from an RLHL insider.

Despite the reports, the vocalist has announced the release of a new song called “Phaya,” .

The question is, is she still under RLHL or she is no longer there? We will find out if the song is out.

The banger drops on 26th Of this month (May) Anticipate……

Download : L.Gre – Silence Ft Kudos Buoy 



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