Ohemaa Mercy’s Firm Stance Against Selfies During Worship: A Curse or Disrespect?

Ohemaa Mercy, the celebrated gospel sensation, recently expressed her views on taking selfies and videos during worship services, firmly believing it to be a curse and a sign of disrespect towards God.

In a recent interview on Joy Prime’s morning show, she drew an analogy to approaching a king, stating that when worshiping the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, one should refrain from focusing on capturing moments for social media. By doing so, she believes that individuals fail to show reverence to the divine atmosphere and the Almighty Himself.

The basis for Ohemaa Mercy’s stance lies in the notion that in society, high-class individuals are accorded respect, let alone the Creator of the universe.

The gospel singer shared a profound personal experience that reinforced her beliefs. During a worship session, she claimed to have seen empty chairs, and when she approached a lady with an angel and a baby by her seat, it became apparent that the lady had been struggling to conceive. However, due to her lack of genuine worship and focus, the angel departed with the unborn child.

Ohemaa Mercy firmly contends that such practices during worship deprive people of their blessings and connection with God. She urged all Christians to refrain from taking personal videos and selfies during worship, emphasizing the importance of staying focused and open to receiving God’s touch.

Ohemaa Mercy's Firm Stance Against Selfies During Worship: A Curse or Disrespect?

Responding to questions about media personnel covering worship sessions, she made an exception, stating that it is part of their job, and God views their work as part of the gospel ministry.

In light of her convictions, Ohemaa Mercy is gearing up for the 10th edition of her Tehillah Experience concert, slated for August 13, 2023, at the Oil Dome, Royalhouse Chapel International. This year’s edition, themed ‘Fire and Fragrance,’ boasts a lineup of renowned gospel musicians like S.K. Frimpong, Ceccy Twum, Diana Hamilton, Kofi Osei Peprah, and Uncle Ato.

Ohemaa Mercy is confident that the 10th Tehillah Experience 2023 will create a lasting impact on the audience, further promoting a worshipful and respectful atmosphere during the event.


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