Safe Menstruation Movement (SAMMO) Marks International Youth Day At Nabdam Model Girls JHS

Safe Menstruation Movement (SAMMO), a group of passionate young volunteers that are working to tackle period poverty in upper East Region has Visited Nabdam Model Girls JHS and Kong-Daborin JHS to mark International youth Day, this brings the number of schools to 34 and 1,919 packs of pads distributed so far to Vulnerable young girls.

The group has been advocating for the scrapping of 20% luxury Tax on Sanitary products so it can be accessible for all young girls.
SAMMO has also been educating young girls on Menstrual Health and seeking to break the stigma around Menstruation.

As Ghana join the the whole world to celebrate International Youth Day which is set aside by the U.N to bring out the challenges facing young people in the country which include:
Period poverty
– Drug Abuse
– Lack of awareness on Reproductive health issues
– Inadequate attention from parents and many others.

It is therefore refreshing to celebrate a special day like this with students of Nabdam Model Girls JHS and Kong-Daborin JHS in the Nabdam District.
The president of SAMMO used the opportunity to thank all those who have supported in making the program a reality especially the Blessing Basket Ghana and their Partners Ten by Three in USA for their continues Sponsorship of the PAD A GIRL INITIATIVE (PAGI) Project.
A midwife Ayine Lydia who is also a member of SAMMO took the girls through Menstruation and Menstrual cycle.

The program saw SAMMO distribute 180 packs of sanitary pads to girls and packs of exercise books.

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