Set A Date For The First-Ever Ghana Technical Students' Awards and Tech Fair

Set A Date For The First-Ever Ghana Technical Students’ Awards and Tech Fair

The scene is set, the excitement is strong, and the night is burning bright. At the GNAT Premium Hostels (GNAT Hall), Adabraka, the Ghana Technical Students’ Awards (GTSA) grand finale will take place on Saturday, August 12, 2023.

Talented and skilled technical students have traditionally added to Ghana’s educational landscape, whose knowledge is put to use to advance national development. The development of a proactive generation of issue solvers prepared to assist the nation with doable and practical efforts depends critically on technical capabilities.

To honour their dedication, creativity, and innovation, the Ghana Technical Students Awards and Tech Fair Project has taken center stage, shining spotlight on the brightest minds in technical education. This prestigious event is a celebration of excellence, providing a platform for students to showcase their prowess to inspire young minds of national thinkers achievers.

The Grand Finale of the Ghana Technical Students Awards is set to bring together a diverse array of talented students across second cycle and tertiary institution s. These young technocrats represent the future of Ghana’s industry poised to revolutionize various sectors with their technical expertise.

Technical awareness creation, skills meeting industry and Creativity Empowerment is at the core of this project.

The Awards Project features a number of categories, honouring achievements in various technical disciplines to recognize the ingenuity and dedication of students who have excelled in their chosen fields.

A panel of esteemed judges, comprising of industry experts, educators, technocrats, tech enthusiasts and professionals etc meticulously assess each nomination. The judging process is marked by rigor and impartiality, ensuring that only the most deserving students take home the coveted awards.

The Grand Finale of the Awards provides a platform for students to exhibit their groundbreaking projects and innovations. Attendees are treated to a diverse exhibition of technological advancements, sustainable designs, and inventive solutions that reflect the ingenuity of Ghana’s technical students.

The event features special guests of honour, dignitaries and industry players and provides an opportunity to acknowledge the tireless efforts of educators and students who have demonstrated track records of nurturing technical minds and putting knowledge to practice.

It presents a platform to foster a spirit of collaboration and networking among students, educators, industry professionals, and policy makers serving as catalyst for forging meaningful partnerships and fostering a community of like-minded individuals passionate about advancing technical education and practice in Ghana.

Beyond the event, the Ghana Technical Students Awards scheme provides mentorship and leaves footprints on the nation’s technical landscape. It serves as a driving force of awareness creation, inspiring young minds and investing in skills to contribute to Ghana’s growth and development.

The Ghana Technical Students Awards (GTSA) is a testament to the transformative power of technical education. By recognizing and celebrating the achievements of students and educators. The event reinforces the importance of technical skills in driving innovation, growth, and sustainable development in Ghana. As the nation witnesses the brilliance of its technical students on this grand stage, it paves the way for a brighter and a more prosperous future powered by the vision and authenticity of Ghana’s young technocrats.

Be part of a revolution for sustainable national development.

Long live Ghana
Long live GTSA

Set A Date For The First-Ever Ghana Technical Students' Awards and Tech Fair


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