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Shatta Wale beefs ‘insignificant’ Bongo Ideas; Insults His Mother And Threatens To Beat Him

After Bongo Ideas advised him to behave appropriately, Shatta Wale threatened to punch him up.

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Bongo Ideas triggered Shatta Wale with a comment in which the young man advised him to grow up and embrace change in all aspects of his adult life.

According to Bongo Ideas, Shatta Wale had to take cues from his peers who had become more responsible after getting married.

Bongo Ideas made the remark after Shatta Wale shared a series of tweets that could be described as unprofessional and off.

Did Bongo Ideas, on the other hand, have the audacity to teach Shatta Wale how to act? After Bongo Ideas wrote about it, it sparked a conversation on social media…

“Marriage conjures a sense of duty, thus all of your contemporaries have married.” Despite being the oldest among them, you haven’t changed your 21-year-old behaviors. You must be focused on the vital things at this moment in your life. Isn’t it time to take responsibility?”

Shatta Wale beefs ‘insignificant’ Bongo Ideas; Insults His Mother And Threatens To Beat Him

Shatta Wale was enraged by Bongo Ideas’ words and threatened to beat him up. He believes that advising him to marry in order to become more responsible was misguided.

Bongo Ideas shared a screenshot of a message he received from Shatta Wale, in which he threatened to beat him up.

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Shatta Wale, on the other hand, has recorded a voice letter explaining why he will not be forced to marry after threatening to beat up Bongo Ideas.

Shatta Wale not only chastised Bongo Ideas in the voice message, but also stated that he would not marry until he was ready.


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