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Home Entertainment Shatta Wale finally fined GHC 2,000 For His Fake Death Stunt

Shatta Wale finally fined GHC 2,000 For His Fake Death Stunt

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Shatta Wale finally fined GHC 2,000 For His Fake Death Stunt

After the court fined Shatta Wale GHC 2,000, the legal case regarding his death fake is now officially over.

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The well-known Dancehall performer was previously punished Monday, June 29, by an Accra Circuit Court presided over by Emmanuel Essandoh for making a fraudulent death claim in October of last year.

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Wale had initially pleaded not guilty to the crime but today amended his plea after his attorneys asked with the court to show pity and reduce his punishment.

Shatta Wale was shot and killed on October 18, 2021, according to a report from, and he was being treated in a secret hospital’s intensive care unit.

When the news began spreading online and a few people close to the SM chief verified the tragic news, many fans were uneasy.

Shatta wale

a PR tweet for him At the time, Nana Doe disclosed that Wale was receiving medical attention in a hospital. He wrote;

“SMH!! They could do this in this rain? SMFH

“If not the fact that he was driving prepared, it would have been too bloody!! F*ck this!! My niqqa too strong to give up!! You strong my g, I dont even know what to even say!! The typing make difficult.

“Thanks to all those calling to check up, the king is still at the emergency ward receiving treatment.

“The gunmen are still on the run. Thanks to Ghana Police,”

Wale allegedly committed the prank to send a message regarding the false prediction Jesus Ahuofe made about him on October 18, 2007, in which he claimed that he would perish away similarly to Lucky Dube.

The man of God claimed that there was too much animosity directed toward Shatta Wale. Jesus Ahuofe said that Shatta Wale should seek out a strong man of God to act as an advocate for him in order to stop the death prophecy.



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