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Home Entertainment Son Of Jacob: Four Explanations For The Cover Art

Son Of Jacob: Four Explanations For The Cover Art

Son Of Jacob: Four Explanations For The Cover Art

The Inspirations of Kwesi Arthur’s much-anticipated album, titled ‘son of Jacob, cover art. The album is out and is trending already number one on Twitter, however, many people may be perplexed as to why the cover art was chosen or what the things on it signify.

Sarknation has gathered material from an Instagram account called ‘teamkwesiarthur_,’ which has provided four different explanations for the cover art.


  1. The image depicts 12 people, each of whom represents one of Jacob’s 12 sons. To depict different stages of his life, they are all of different genders and ages.son of jacob
  2. The pant Kwesi is wearing is multicolored and gorgeous, similar to the one Joseph was given, which was the start of his problems in his deception (the fire by the kiosk)E7A10E95 2104 453D BB1C 42622BAD2E4A
  3. Kiosk views life as a gamble, thus his challenges in life, like Joseph’s, propel him into a position of significance. But he’s also clutching a BIBLE since he believes he’s made it through all of this with God’s help.ED8669D4 B341 4314 9009 E4FEC99FE3AD
  4. Birds migrate in search of better living conditions and resources, which is what they depict in this photograph. Kwesi will ascend and soar high,’ looking for a better place to live than this.EE1E6CA8 3F0A 498E BB40 A350911BC0CD



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