Syren Waters Is Hosting A Masquerade Ball Party

A masquerade ball is a celebration, event, or party where guests dress up and wear masks. The forthcoming Masquerade Ball is being arranged by Syren Waters to assist in bringing out the best and inventiveness in partygoers who have special dancing abilities while wearing a mask.

Masquerade Ball is a dark house party which took place in Tanzania but currently Syren Waters want to introduce this great event in Ghana for party-goers and music lovers especially the young and vibrant who can display their dancing skills to make the occasion fun.A masquerade ball is an event in which many participants attend in costume wearing a mask. A masquerade ball usually encompasses music and dancing. These nighttime events are used for entertainment and celebrations.

Syren Waters have targeted to use this wonderful event to capture all those who love to exhibit their dancing skills and due have made special plans for the Masquerade Ball to be held in Ghana this month of August 27, 2023. The event will happen with some special lighting effects,paint and cameras to enable couples and individuals who will attend this event have fun and enjoy themselves. This event will give chance to people to showcase their dance moves, creativity, glittering styles with a beautiful crafted mask.

Syren Waters is however, urging that if anyone out there has a talent in dancing can take the opportunity to contest in their dancing competition.The event will be graced with a romantic stunning flicking light such as Red, blue, green and among other colours to brighten the night which will be full of mystery and romance.

The event which comes with a variety of music and also a dance competition which will feature lively music and genres like the electronic dance music (EDM), Amapiano, AfroBeat, Tropical and Reggae. There will be live DJs and bands to provide music. Additional entertainment like the fire show, acrobatics and games to make the event a memorable one, relaxed and fun for the night.

Syren Waters have a classification of 3 rooms to host different sections of entertainment for the evening. First Room is the Masquerade Room which will have the identity of the attendee’s hidden to make it difficult for others to be able to identify each other or disclose them because of the mask. Couples will also engage in several dance like Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba with a price attached. In the first Masquerade Room an outfit of Black Tie and Mask are encouraged for the event if anyone wants to be in the first room for the event.

The second room is named the Forbidden Room which is all about the dark with a paintglow creating luminescent makeup for the night. If you want to be part of the forbidden room then, the best outfit to put on is a Red,Gold or Silver, Black, White are all popular and classic colours for a masquerade ball party.

The Exclusive Room is more of a VVIP to give those in that room the best entertainment and fun where they will enjoy amazing dancing skills from pole dancers. All VVIP members must put on an outfit that’s appropriate and colourful for the event like luxurious silk gown dress to look the best at an exquisite masquerade ball party.

Masquerade Ball Party is an event for the grown and sexy that love to dance!

Dance Competition (cash prize)

Get ready to show off your moves and dancing skills and also to compete against the fiercest dancers in town.

Mask will be given to the first 50 people who buy ticket.

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