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Tracy Sarkcess Launches A New Project “Brave” To Support Underprivileged Women In Society

Fist lady of  SackCess Music has been supporting some underprivileged women in the country for over a year now but announced it publicly yesterday during the launch of the project known as “Brave”.

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‘Brave’, Tracy Sarkcess revealed on her Instagram handle, is her “attempt at empowering brilliant young women from underserved/underprivileged communities in our society.”

The mother of two stated that she is hoping her project will help ease some of the struggles of these ladies caught up in the vicious cycle of socio-economic hardships.

Talking about what inspired her project, she said that she is always happy Seeing  women having seat in leadership position and therefore wants to help increase that.

However, many of these conversations over the years have excluded the young and disadvantaged women in our society, let alone be invited to have “a seat at the table”, she said.

“Brave seeks to proactively connect, inspire, and empower young women from SHS to Tertiary level with women in leadership roles and in higher echelons of power across all industry sectors within our society,” she added.

She is confident that her initiative which stresses on inclusive leadership and empowerment of young women within our society is the best route to reducing poverty, creating career opportunities, and bridging the divide between the young and the seasoned.

Brave will provide sponsored funding for promising female-led startups.

The team will also organise training-based workshops/events with leading female industry experts.




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