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Wedaga Empowers Foundation (WEF) –  PRE-LAUNCH OUTREACH 

The 2021 TV3 Ghana Most Beautiful representative of the Upper East Region, Wedaga, born Princess Diana Wedaga Ayongo who also emerged as 3rd runner up has embarked on an outreach program in her region.

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The Purpose Of The Outreach 
The outreach is one of the events that lead to the WEDAGA EMPOWERS FOUNDATION’s (WEF) launch.To support underprivileged adolescents in schools, the next step is to determine the nature and structure of school environments, student populations, and relationships with teachers and students.We sampled six schools in the upper east region with my team, some of which are known to have high rates of teenage pregnancy and school dropout.

what transpired during the outreach?
1.Discuss menstrual hygiene, dropping out of school and
teenage pregnancy.
2.Communication with teachers 3.Donation of mathematical sets, exercise books, and pencils as stationery

Where was it done?  
The Wedaga Empowers Foundation will cover the entire upper east region, but outreach was done in three municipalities or districts: the Kassena Nankana Municipality, the Bolgatanga Municipality, and the Bawku Municipality.The outreach was conducted at Naaga Primary and Junior High School, Doba Junior High School, Chaaba Primary, Tindama Primary, Sacred Heart School, and Tufour Red Sox School.

Which individuals benefited?
The wedaga empowers foundation club was formed and exercise books, a mathematical set, and pencils were given to students in upper primary school and junior high school of the aforementioned schools to help increase their enthusiasm for education.

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What we hope to see   
We hope to accomplish the following:enhanced academic performanceIncrease attendance at school because some students won’t want to miss out on any support the foundation provides to the school.reduced teen pregnancies, early marriages, and school dropoutsThe girl child pursuing greatness and beauty pageantry when the time is right

Where we hope to go   
We hope to establish the Wedaga Empowers Foundation (WEF) club in a number of regional schools and implement additional strategies to support the foundation’s primary goal of supporting underprivileged adolescents and communities.

AirtelTigo, the Ghana Maritime Authority, and the Alhaji Hanan Foundation are all partners in the Wedaga Empowers Foundation.
Ghana Maritime Authority AirtelTigo


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