Atongo Zimba Readies new single

  • Atongo Zimba Readies new single “Saliba”, After A to Z album

The legendary Ghanaian traditional  musician and guitarist Atongo Zimba is ready to release his new single, “Saliba,” on November 25, 2022.

Misrepresentation, desire, manipulation, and human perniciousness toward the advancement of another characterize the arrangement or composition known as “Saliba.”

People are able to recall the terrible things a close friend or family member can do to witness a sibling’s demise thanks to the record that has yet to be delivered.

According to Atongo Zimba, development occurs when we do not harm or plot against ourselves.

He shaped this tune to remind family that the most effective way to progress is to love one another.
The melody “Saliba” was recorded, mixed, and mastered in the United Kingdom before being released.

A week after the audio for “Saliba” is released, the official music video will be shown.

About Atongo Zimba

With his award-winning songs and his two-stringed guitar, known as kologo, Atongo Zimba has traveled the world.

Atongo Zimba has worked with recognizable Ghanaian rappers and singers like Okyeame Kwame, Wiyaala, Manifest, and King Ayisoba for years in addition to maintaining close ties with his nation.

Atongo Zimba returned to Ghana to enroll Accra’s most prominent players and recorded A to Z, supposedly his most exciting collection to date, when the Coronavirus pandemic suddenly struck.

The A to Z album is a fantastic collection of work that demonstrates Atongo’s ability and vision to combine diverse sounds like highlife, afrobeat, R&B, dancehall, hip-hop, reggae, and gospel while drawing on his expertise in African society music.

He was excited by the hits of Fela Kati’s afrobeat when he was young and was exposed to African-influenced music on the radio.

Atongo Zimba makes and sings in Gurune/Frafra, Hausa, Ga, English, and Twi, his native languages.
Most of the time, the subjects of his songs are power and respect for individual and ethnic connections, everyday life and progress for Ghana and Africa as a whole, sincere love, and otherworldliness.

Atongo Zimba Readies new single "Saliba”, After A to Z album

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