Beef Alert: Medikal and Criss Waddle Fight Over Same-Day Song Releases

In a series of tweets that have astonished music fans, Medikal has released his rage on his senior colleague and former boss Criss Waddle.

It’s a well-known truth that Waddle, who found and fostered Medikal’s potential years ago, is responsible for his enviable place in the music industry as one of the most vivid performers of our day.

But, as fate often does, the two are on a warpath, and we will be treated to fireworks from their respective camps in fight in the coming days.

Criss Waddle accused his former mentee of releasing his song, Letter To My Ex, on the same day he released his Take Me Back ft Stonebwoy, which he said was against the ‘brother code’ that had kept them together for years.

Medikal refuted his claim, even revealing that he had previously met Waddle at Coco Vanilla and had a good feeling with him, and that since he gave him no indication that he was furious with him, it was inappropriate for him to rage online.

He also chastised him for not returning his calls to discuss their disputes, prompting him to vent his fury on Twitter.

In the screenshot below, you can see Medikal’s tweets.

Medikal and Criss Waddle


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