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Black Sherif Has Dropped Out Of  UPSA, Now In A New School.

The rapper, who just turned 20 years old, was a student at Accra’s University of Professional Studies when he launched his ‘Sermon’ records, which shot him to fame.

1 1662620290642
Black Sherif Has Dropped Out Of  UPSA, Now In A New School.
Black Sherif


When asked what program he was studying at UPSA while interacting with his fans on snapchat, the ‘Second Sermon’ rapper, born Mohammed Ismail Sherif, replied “hmm bro, I can’t with that school. I’ve left ei” and added a crying emoji.

After a fan questioned, “Why have you left UPSA?” he explained why he departed. In response, the rapper stated: “To be honest, I felt behind and wished to restart. Do you get it?”

Later, the ‘Second Rapper’ claimed that “When another snapchat user questioned him “you felt behind so you left UPSA,” he replied, “no, I’m in a different school now.” That school was revealed to be the University of Ghana when another snapchat user asked him, “you felt behind so you left UPSA.” You’re a Legon, right? “.

He claims that if he is unable to cope at Legon, he will resign. “If I don’t fit, I’m going home. No one has sent me na, “he stated As you can see in the screenshots below, he also talked about his favorite musicians and other topics.

Black Sherif has dropped out of school and announced his resignation from UPSA.


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