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Get To Know Teni Agana, The Winner Of The Fan Milk Business-For-Good Award at the EMY Africa Awards 2021.

Teni Agana hails from Bolgatanga in Ghana’s Upper East Region, although she resided in Takoradi until she was 14 years old, when her father died suddenly. Unpaid debts piled up, forcing her mother to relocate the bereaved family back to their birthplace in the North.

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Teni Agana is a social entrepreneur, project manager, youth advocate, motivator, and teacher with a vision for the future. She is the Managing Director and Founder of Loozeele Initiative. She is a determined young lady who paid her way through high school by working as a kayayoo.

She was admitted to Ashesi as a Mastercard scholar in 2014, and she got the President’s Award for outstanding scholarship, leadership, and citizenship upon her graduation.

Teni is currently the founder and director of the Loozeele Initiative, which provides an income source for 25 kayayei girls and women in Ghana’s Upper East region and organizes educational activities for the young. Loozeele aims to provide business education and empower youngsters in Ghana’s northern regions so that they can stay and pursue their ambitions instead of migrating and working as kayayei.

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Her long-term goal is to provide a support structure for poor youngsters, particularly females from similar backgrounds to herself.

She believes that while we cannot choose who we are born to or where we come from, we can attain our goals through hard work and persistence. She also feels that a firm foundation is vital for all children, regardless of who they are or where they come from.

She is currently employed at Ashesi University as a Project Assistant and Community Development Committee Coordinator. This includes funding activities and projects that help children’s and youth’s development, as well as sanitation. She also works with the chiefs and people of Berekuso on a committee at Ashesi to build a long-term community development strategy.

She currently serves on the Kaya Child Care Advisory Board. Kaya ChildCare is a social company dedicated to assisting Kayayoo mothers in providing appropriate early childhood development for their children aged 0 to 5. They now run a Madina-based early childhood facility with a capacity of roughly 40 children. Kaya Child Care is doing an excellent job of assisting Kayayei moms, and she has agreed to join the team to add her experience, perspectives, experiences, talents, and knowledge in order to assist the team in creating a better future for Kayayei mothers and children.

This year Exclusive Men Of the Year Award  2021,  Teni Agana was honored Fan milk Business-for-good award . The awards organisers in partnership with Fan Milk have  introduced the ‘Business for Good Award,’ an honorary award presented to an individual who operates a small business (Micro & SME) and uses the business to make a positive impact in the community.

Get To Know Teni Agana, The Winner Of The Fan Milk Business-For-Good Award at the EMY Africa Awards 2021.


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