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“I Don’t Have Time To Explain Myself To Fools” – Patapaa’s German Wife Fires Back At Him Mercilessly

Patapaa’s estranged wife, Liha Miller, has reacted after her husband accused blogger Zionfelix of causing problems in their marriage.

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Liha Miller has stated that she does not have time to explain herself to fools, thus anything said about her should be taken in the same light as her statement.

Patapaa made the claim that Zionfelix was the one who was making their marriage tough, and her retort followed shortly after.


Zionfelix recently traveled to Germany to meet with Patapaa’s wife. Patapaa’s estranged wife was observed spending time with the blogger, who appeared to be having a nice time with her.

While some have speculated that Zionfelix met Patapaa’s wife for the sole goal of doing an interview, others have advised the blogger to keep all of their interactions with her strictly professional.

To the best of Patapaa’s understanding, Zionfelix has already harmed his marriage!


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