Kuami Eugene Warns Lookalikes Against Extorting Money From People In His Name

Kuami Eugene, a musician, has issued a warning to his lookalikes.

It’s wonderful to have young people strive to be like him, according to the ‘Fire‘ hitmaker, but it’s a problem when people profit off their likeness.

Kuami Eugene said it is criminal to take advantage of other people’s work and intellectual property in an interview on YFM in Kumasi.

“It’s just beautiful to have almost every young boy growing up wanting to be like you. People want to sound like me, dress like me but the only problem is when people start going in for money and impersonate me. When someone goes out there to make money off your hard work or sweat, that’s when it’s illegal,” he noted.

Kuami Eugene

The Lynx Entertainment signee remarked that having young people desire to be like him has advantages.

“Not everyone gets that, so it’s a blessing to me,” he stated, adding that their presence may also likely extend the relevance of an artiste.

But, Kuami Eugene noted that “It’s always fun till you’re caught on the wrong side of the law.”

His remark comes after lookalikes of KiDi and Kuami Eugene were spotted performing at a private party a few weeks ago.


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