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Meet Ragga Star, A Promising Dancehall Artiste About To Release “Wagwan,” A Mind-blowing New Song.

Born on the 19th of June 2002, Issaka Ayinecasake Rudolph, better known by his stage name Ragga Star, is a young Ghanaian Reggae and Dancehall recording artiste from Bolgatanga. He attended Anglican Junior High School and then Zamse Senior High/Tech School, both in Bolgatanga.

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His music is a mix of Dancehall and Afrobeat, as well as being quite diverse. He refers to himself as the Dancehall Lyricist because he believes his manner of lyric delivery is unique and inventive.

Ragga Star
Ragga Star

He began singing at an early age and has a number of songs to his credit, including “Haters Anthem,” “Badmind,” “Pity,” and “Reality,” among others. In 2021, the Dancehall master ‘EPIXODE’ set out a challenge of his then recent single ‘Odeshi’ in which hundreds of people participated, including myself, and after a while, the names of winners were shortlisted and He found himself at the top slot #4.

“Also,Ratty Bangarang has been one personal person who never gives up on me and for that i believe it’s an achievement personally” – He said

In a conversation with Sarknation.com, he said that, he sees greatness in the future as he slides in with his music, going somewhere with his music in the next years.


The term ‘WAGWAN’ comes from the Jamaican language and means ‘What’s going on’ or ‘What’s happening’ depending on the situation.

Wagwan is a song that solves all of his musical questions while also demonstrating his adaptability, ingenuity, and versatility in music to the rest of the world.

“ I feel people spread false information across without really seeking clarification from an accurate source so as people we term ‘family & real friends’ stab us behind and act clean before us as angels.

Basically WAGWAN is a phonecall conversation between two parties, the receiver ’RAGGA’ and the caller ‘STAR’. From rumors reaching the caller he feels it is necessary to let the receiver know about it since it concerns him(topic) which during the call, issues are being addressed and clarified”. – He details his upcoming song.


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